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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now, a raging fire devours a club. lus? >> when i found out about it, boom. i raised the red flag. >> a coach fired after he says he reported hazing on his foot bat team. tonight, the players have been expelled. and breaking news, an officer shot and woubded.
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>> for the second time in five days, an officer in oakland has bb shot. >> stephanie, how is the officer doing? >> reporter: the good news is the officer is in stable condition recovering at a local hopt. the scene just cleared, plenty of glass here on the ground. now, this was the first thing the officers responded to tonight when they heard gunshots from just a couple blocks away. >> an officer called for asis tachbs. >> that aurves was one of two at 4 th and east 12.
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his partner fired kbak. witnesses say may hurt anyone from four-six shottings. >> was able to take him into custody and recover his firearm. monday night, on the 1700 block of seminary avenue was also shot. lis have made five arrests. they say they've woent stop until everyone involved is so responsible.
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>> where does that stop? that is the most dangerous person that we need to review off of oush street. as for this afternoon, seen here, we talked to the family members are the victims of one car. roshting lye, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, stefdny. fire fighters are battling a five-alarm fire. firefighters say the fire appears to have started on the second floor, bud they don't know how it stauted.
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at this time, no routs of any injuries. >> sacrifice. that's how a football coach feels he was fired for his behavior. tonight, he insists he's the one that blew the kmisle own hazing. >> the minute i found out about it, boom. >> they were fired today for selling the trooult, about varsity football players. in december, june yosh varszty football playerings told him they asked for another hope.
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he basically told them that's not my problem. dawn waits on principal. deciding to expel five stunts today and fire. >> my goal is to take care of my stunts mplt and to ensure their safety. he was in charjts and being held responsible. >> i had no participation other than the hazing ins depts: >> it's basically a real quick move by the administration to just kovder up their lack of responsibility on this kamt pus? >> i was surprised. >> losing his job for speaking up sent the wrong message to students and staff.
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>> schlt t. patrick says at this point, criminal chashrnls v not been sfiered in this case: >> in other news tonight, he's been fighting a tough battle for more than two years. tonight, oolt setback for brooinl sto werks. he's back in the hoept with a blood clot, which at one point, doctors said it was life tleltenning. >> it helps to have people. he is cut. people will still identify the con sert. purk push . >> hosti ining series of benefi. >> i'm here tonight to support,
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you know, bryon snowe. it's always for a good cause. >> the former paramedic is back in the hospital. on a web site dedicated to stone's hemt, the family says "we are scared and worried kbts. they added they thought they'd been pass the point of getting them to survive. the family said those were really tough words to hear. and now that bryon knows what's going on, he's scared, too. the family says they appreciate all the do nations.
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we're live in san jose tonight. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. in the clear tonight. san francisco 49ers will not face sexual assault charjss: >> police say crabstree cooperated with them during the entire investigation. sentenced to 5 years in prison. he came in, he was 15 years omd when he strangled their participants.
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he was prosecuted as an adult. his moetive? he had been suspended from school for smoking marijuana. well, they found about 400 pot plants on the road. they said it has a street value of $600,000. he's in jail for illegal cult vision.
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>> and what are the odds? is this the had thors' year to win the super bowl. wow, that's the reaction to this mountain lion sielting from even the experts. >> and we're tracking some weekend changes in your forecast. tonight, we're seeing the clouds filling on in. here's your temperatures tomorrow morning.
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>> the police department hassen vailed a brand new crime fighting tool. nbc bay area's tiffany strong has a story new from eleven. >> reporter: for stand alone mom, her card must always be up. >> we recently instamed video cameras around the house. >> around nose recent break ins have convinced others to irn stall their own cameras. just the comforts of knowing if something were to 457, you've got that video. >> this week, they nounsed a brand new program.
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>> i guess there's a certain feeling of a big brother. >> police say they will not have access to the parter ins. according to a u.s. dmt of justice study. violent crimes were cut by 26% in three months. >> well, he's controversial, legendary and now he's a fugitive: the multimimon their
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fled the country just last month kwho want to question him in the murder case of his sbooef yor. >> in the 19890s. it seemed like you had a normal ce objection knife. >> now, you're assuming because i'm a kwleen and sober ce,that my lifestyle is a standard life sometime. >> i still speak in tungszs. i still donate to charity.
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zf. >> it is worlting that john left the company in 19 t 4 and has not been involved since: keith, an executive at square posted a blog. >> well, bay area sports fans have to be salivating at the prospect of another champions p championship. unlike the giants, the 49ers are actually flavored to begin.
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>> well, this certainly znt going to be a pop queue lar gix. >> think about the things that define the football faem. looking back at the last 20 super bowls, the average experience of the winning quarterback is 6.75 seasons chlgts in fact, only three quarterbacks have won a super bowl with two years of smoompbs. >> the niners are also known for a stel lart defense.
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>> coming in at 9.2. >> last regular season record indicated that they're a better football season. but in the last two decades, the team with the better record has won the game only 8 times. so record is basically a wash. which is to say it doesn't mean anything. now, while some of these figures seem a little unpalette about, i do hear the good piece of nusz. the most important metric was relewised today. so therive it. >> very wise of you. that's what we're all doing. of course, we'll have continue g
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ing coverage of the 49ers. >> and the famous point spread will be coming within the next week. a preview. i duosee a sunny future for the quantitiers. >> coming upright now, '40s and '50s outside. you'll probably notice this. it's helping to keep our overniekt temperatures in the 40s.
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still a sliegts chance of a few showers, but less than at 6:00. so here eegs a look at some of your rain. mainly off to the north. you can see a few showers here. not guilty only do you not have a lot of moisture, youd also have a little lift og. temperatures are going to drop down. >> at bast, we'll see a few showers. >> it could be close to 3,000 feet.
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right now, the weekend is just looking breezy and koolt. a few ice lated shower mplt. >> winds picking up out of the northwest. >> in the sierr you're looking at an inchd or two. >> so, tonight, 40s outside as you wake up tomorrow mourning. so there shows a real koolt down. and a little breezy at times for the weekend.
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just a very sliekt chance of a shower. otherwise, cool and breezy. and the wetsder ahead is going to show more 49ers gold. sunshine. looks pretty goods wednesday, thursday and friday. >> thanks so much. >> well, coming up, the unsettlingsighted captured on kamt ra in sarn jose.
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is over a hundred pounds. >> to see one in the wild, with the naked eye, or to have the opportunity to photograph one in the wild is really rare. and that's why deploying remote
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cameras to do that is a special technology. >> as for mountain lions into urban areas, a new bill to help protect them. it will require game wardens to use non-lethal weapons. this all comes after a warden sholt and killed two mountain lion cubs. >> let's turn thingings observe to comcast sports net news room. >> super bowl is getting here. i'm afraid here. sfi hall playing smoiler to the 49ers soup ere bowl. but, first, we're just nine days away from super bowl 47 in new orleanss. coming up, we're taking final prep raxs.
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yeah, momentum is building.
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we're just nine days away from the game everyone is talking about. it's the ravens and the 49ers. the trophy is ochb the line. down in santa rera, next up, a trip to the big easy. where a media sur cut meets it ochb sfrid. >> i want them to enjoy it. i want them to enjoy every min ult. especially, enjoy the competition. that's the most exciting thirng to play for. that ball getting kicked off and working together, fighting together, playing together for a chance to win a championship. >> i want the get a chance to
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come to the super bowl. >> now, those of you blaming the camp out at the civic krenter might want to find an alternative. >> mayor ed lead said i don't think we're going sto control the new where you know. warriors, bulls, benny the bull. >> figs quarter, knocking down a three. down 26 points. chicago in the lead. fourth quarter, all bulls.
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that means free hand burgers for everyone in the file: fooijtly, we 45d to show you this slid owe. this man is taking a hook sholt from half court to an atomb. >> unforgettable moments. i think he might like 75 grand a little bit better. one final note, joquin aries should help sure up the giant's blench. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. more news after this.
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from short sleeves to long sleeves this weekend. >> this system is a drier system, but it's going to bring in some cooler air. you can see highs tomorrow, mid
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to upper 50s. and the school pattern will be around through monday. so you like today's weather? by next thursday, we should get there again. >> okay, sounds good. thank you so much. have a great weekend and we'll see you on monday. >> good night. >> bye, bye.
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